About PTS

PTS provides practical guidance and support to companies in relation to safety and environmental compliance, in particular where there is the need for interface with regulators.

Hi - my name is Mike Peacock


I set-up PTS to provide flexible support and advice to industrial clients in relation to safety and enviromental risk management. 


I have over 20 years experience working in the chemical and waste industry, and also as a regulator. 


I started my career in operations management before spending time as a regulator, working for the Environment Agency, before moving into safety and environmental risk management at COMAH establishments. 


This combination of roles has given me unique insight into the UK regulatory framework (including COMAH, EPR and HASAWA), to allow me to understand the minefield of legal requirements faced by industry.


I am able to work closely with you to understand and categorise the risks involved and, where necessary, provide practical experience-based solutions to overcome any safety or environmental problems that you may face. 

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